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31 December 2033 @ 12:00 am

I could go through my whole life story and state the generic origins of myself, or I can easily jump into whatever it is that I want to talk about. I'm not sure which path I will go forth with, but since you are reading [that is, if you are] then I'll give you a brief rundown.

-I am a Libra and will forever be one no matter what weird science has found out.
-I have an older sister that I will only refer to as Dignirt. She got the nickname after she tried to write dignity while we were chatting on MSN.
-I sadly live in Harlem, I desperately wish I didn't, but fuck it we get what we can.
-I am currently obsessed with Arashi and SMAP. Though my preferred genre of music is rock/metal/heavy metal/etc...I developed a sincere liking to the aforementioned groups.
-I am in college, I think I have a year left. I can never be sure since the school fucks the students over day after day.
-I am an art major and plan on doing illustration as a job, but sadly I have 100% no confidence in what I do.
-I project a facade to people because the real me is too horrible, and I'm not even talking about the whole id/superego, bullshit. I mean the actual me that I am going to share about 50% [maybe less] with you all isn't something that should be exposed.

I will stop there cause then I'd just be making a gigantic list of the silly shit about myself. I tend not the take things seriously, but the small random things can piss me off. Like when my ex assumed I only liked Heath Ledger cause he played the Joker, but in fact I followed his works.[That was completely random and off-topic in a way]

In my next post I'll probably give you something more coherent to read and not this ramble.

Til next time.
11 December 2011 @ 01:02 am
So I've been gone for like 5 million years, but I came back to teach you guys how to make gifs.

What you'll need is GIMP and VLC or SM Player. I use SM Player cause I have better control of the screencaps.
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20 July 2011 @ 05:09 pm
I know I suck. It's been close to two weeks since the GANTZ Fanmeet and I never wrote up the report.

I'm sure I've horribly forgotten names except for a few. So to not make people feel left out...I will use LJ names only xD
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